A weekend with Welsh wildlife

Last week, my wife and I celebrated our birthdays with a trip to Wales. We both love wildlife and so we planned to visit a nature reserve where there’s a puffin colony and lots of other rare sea birds. We had a brilliant day there; the sun shone and we saw puffins, seals and a…

Adding some light

I painted this deer over the weekend. It was fun to add some fantasy to the design, I always enjoy playing with bright colours and mixed media.  

Tropical finger paints

It’s great to get your hands messy. I’ve been enjoying finger painting in the past week, playing with lots of bright colours and smudges.

Arting animals

A friend recently complimented the only painting I’d got around to sharing here, so I thought I’d post a few more. They’re all animals, because I like them better than people.

Happiness is new shoes and Autumn leaves

Since starting this blog, I’ve got back into photography. It was a hobby for me years ago. The Autumn is so colourful this year, I always seem to find something beautiful when I am out walking the dog. The mist and dew make the mornings especially stunning. I try to be mindful when I’m out…


Nurtured She floats, held by a visceral attachment. Softly muffled the familiar tones of future comfort. Suspended in symbiosis blissfully unencumbered by the chaos of being. A heartbeat on skin the gentlest of caresses.