First painting of 2017

In the past few weeks I finally found some motivation to start painting something again. I was happy to get it finished this afternoon. Here are a few progress shots and the final thing.

Painting this week

I’ve been frantically painting over the last week, trying to get a lot done in preparation for attending a craft fair next month. A lot of other stuff happened and I just didn’t get time to write about it all. For now, here’s the little series I’ve just finished.

Immersed in colour

I have dedicated a large part of my weekend to painting this week. I needed the break from everything day-to-day. I was feeling ground down. So I painted an elephant as the second piece in a small series I’m planning to create in this style. Hope you like him! Here’s the other one, a patchwork…

Art update

I haven’t shared any of what I’ve been painting in a while. Art is very much another aspect of therapy for me. It centres me and gets me focusing on something outside of the chaos in my head. Plus, when you work in a office only generating files on a computer, it is so satisfying…

Mayday painting

This weekend was a long one. I haven’t been too well; sinusitis and the associated antibiotics have left me really poorly. My wife got a bit cross at me trying to still be busy. The problem is that doing nothing is so bad for my mood, so I occupied myself with some painting. I’ve just…