Wednesday soundtrack: Please let me get what I want

This is an awesome track. The Smiths wrote it, but I hate Morrissey’s voice. He sounds like he’s got something stuck in the back of his throat. It’s been covered by so many bands, it’s a bit like a Bob Dylan song in that regard. Outstanding lyrics, but lots of people don’t really like listening…

Wednesday soundtrack

This is one of my favourite tracks at the moment. The poignant lyrics and soulful, stripped back vocals are heartbreaking every time. If I were able to cry, this song would definitely do it for me.

Therapy today: Asking for help

I was looking forward to my therapy session today. I have missed having that breathing space available and I’ve missed my therapist. It’s not that I just miss talking to her, I miss knowing she is there if things go wrong. She’s talked me out of a self-destructive spiral a few times in the past…

The chaos consumes

This life has no order its pace never ceases The past doesn’t make you don’t grasp at the pieces They steer from the answers for clean resolution The chaos consumes and there’s no retribution Have faith in your footsteps in moving together You’ll bind to a future your will to endeavour.


The tiny silhouette a figure, distant in solitude Searching, restless with narrow vision Her bold, infinite quest a daily depletion Sparse fragments resonate in desperation Echoing eerie companionship unwanted and unshaken.

No rest in sleep

I awake panicked and drenched in sweat. The duvet clings to me and I feel suffocated. As usual, dreaming is the catalyst for this dramatic start to the day. My dreams are filled with fear, humiliation, frustration and loneliness. I am so used to these nightmares, I barely notice them anymore. The worst part is…