Mayday painting

This weekend was a long one. I haven’t been too well; sinusitis and the associated antibiotics have left me really poorly. My wife got a bit cross at me trying to still be busy. The problem is that doing nothing is so bad for my mood, so I occupied myself with some painting. I’ve just…

Easter paintings

I’m not religious, so the Easter weekend is just lots of empty time for me. I’m trying to keep myself busy, so I’ve been playing with mixed media again.

Tropical finger paints

It’s great to get your hands messy. I’ve been enjoying finger painting in the past week, playing with lots of bright colours and smudges.

My silent scream

After therapy being so tough yesterday, I had a very cathartic evening drawing some of my blackest feelings. I called this ‘My silent scream’. It taps into my sense of being weighed down by secrets, frustrated and attacked. It’s dark but it’s got the energy of those screams and unsaid words bursting to get out.

A painting for my brand new baby niece

I’ve just become an auntie to a wonderful little baby girl. I wanted her to always know I love her and am thinking of her, so I painted something for her nursery. It’s lovely to have such a joyous event to celebrate. Welcome to the world little one!