Goodbye old friend

The death of a pet is horribly painful, and tonight I am feeling that heavy grief. My mum called this evening to tell me our family dog died today. If you don’t own a pet, then it’s likely you won’t understand what it is to love an animal as part of your family. This daft…

My vegetarian guilt

I’m presiding over a tiny genocide in my home. We’ve had the cutest invasion of mice. We were catching them in humane traps and releasing them alive, but now they’re breeding and the babies are appearing everywhere. I caught this one sitting in our dog’s bed. She has absolutely no interest in dealing with them….

Painting this week

I’ve been frantically painting over the last week, trying to get a lot done in preparation for attending a craft fair next month. A lot of other stuff happened and I just didn’t get time to write about it all. For now, here’s the little series I’ve just finished.

Immersed in colour

I have dedicated a large part of my weekend to painting this week. I needed the break from everything day-to-day. I was feeling ground down. So I painted an elephant as the second piece in a small series I’m planning to create in this style. Hope you like him! Here’s the other one, a patchwork…

A happy painting

One of my closest friends is having a baby in a few weeks. I am super excited to meet this little guy or girl. I’m hosting a small gathering on Monday to celebrate her going off on maternity leave. It would be a baby shower if the idea didn’t make me so nauseous. Anyway, I…

Easter paintings

I’m not religious, so the Easter weekend is just lots of empty time for me. I’m trying to keep myself busy, so I’ve been playing with mixed media again.

Adding some light

I painted this deer over the weekend. It was fun to add some fantasy to the design, I always enjoy playing with bright colours and mixed media.  

Tropical finger paints

It’s great to get your hands messy. I’ve been enjoying finger painting in the past week, playing with lots of bright colours and smudges.

Painting to escape Christmas

I did a bit of painting in an attempt to switch off from Christmas. It worked for a short while. I visited a few galleries while I was in the Canadian Rockies. If you’re ever in the area, I can highly recommend Canmore for a wander about. It is not too far from Banff, but much less touristy….

Arting animals

A friend recently complimented the only painting I’d got around to sharing here, so I thought I’d post a few more. They’re all animals, because I like them better than people.