Support group in Surrey

Are you looking for a support group?

Do you feel like it would be beneficial to be with a group of like-minded people who you can share your experiences with in a confidential setting?

I’m working with a couple of organisations to set up one or more psychotherapy groups in and around Guildford in Surrey.

Initially, the first support group will be for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This group will be facilitated by a qualified and experienced psychotherapist and will be available at the cost of covering the therapist’s fee. Depending how many people sign up, that should be under £10 per session. The group will meet on one evening per week, most likely in central Guildford, Surrey.

The idea of running the psychotherapy group is that we can offer a safe space in which those attending can explore the issues they face. There will be no obligation to speak, but it is always useful (both to those speaking and listening) if members of the support group provide feedback for one another. The emphasis will be on sharing how the other group members’ contributions have impacted on you, rather than problem-solving. I’ve participated in a lot of group therapy and support groups and have found it enormously beneficial.

If you’re interested in signing up and you’d like to be notified when the dates in Surrey are agreed, please get in touch. I will treat all enquiries with complete confidentiality, your details will not be passed on to anyone else without your consent. You only need to give your name and email address if you don’t feel comfortable sharing anything more.

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Photo credit: benketaro, Creative Commons