Sharing the love

I am truly grateful to everyone who reads and comments on my blog. It really is amazing to be heard and understood, and for complete strangers to offer their support. I hope I can do the same for you guys.

I’ve been getting a lot of very kind feedback from my lovely readers. It means a great deal to me; connecting with people who understand where I’m coming from, many of whom have had similar experiences to me.

As I know many people in my situation are, I’m terrible at taking that positive stuff on board. So I’m going to share a few comments here, mostly to remind myself that what I am doing is worthwhile.

“You are part of my light in my darkness. Knowing I’m never alone. Knowing how similar we are, it’s like you are a long lost sister from another time and place.”

“Reading your story has given me the encouragement that maybe I can still be helped.”

“I just wanted to say I read some of your blog today. I was digging through the dark recesses of the internet looking for content to reprint when I stumbled upon it. Thank you for opening up so much and being so transparent.  I’m a bipolar/depression sufferer myself and have been writing for a year or so.  It’s both cathartic and freeing and I’m grateful there are people like you doing it as well.  Once again, THANK YOU.  You matter in ways you cannot imagine.”

“Well done for doing this and for blogging about it. You have a lot of strength and courage.”

“I haven’t found another blog I follow as much as yours, or one I can relate to as much as yours. I often feel as though I’m reading my own thoughts, things I haven’t even dared to let myself think. You’ve helped me to grow, to believe in myself and in this journey, through all the bad and the good.”

“Oh, such courage that took! For all the healing I have done, I have never yet uttered the details of my childhood sexual abuse. Honestly, I don’t know that I ever will. And so, I know what it takes and I am so very proud of you!”

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Photo credit: Vinoth Chandar, Creative Commons