In the time I’ve been blogging, I have gained so much from interacting with everyone who stops by to read what I’ve got to say. It’s been an amazing and important part of my journey, hearing from people with similar struggles or who were just touched by something I’ve written.

I’ve also enjoyed reading so much of the brilliant writing other bloggers share. I wanted to just share a few links to sites I regularly read. If you like my site, you should drop by and check them out.

Down the rabbit hole
This site is a wonderfully candid account of what it means to be in therapy.

Patricia J Grace
Patricia is the author of ‘Shattered’, a memoir of her childhood sexual abuse. She writes beautifully about her recovery and all the other day-to-day stuff that comes along.

Talking of incest
Serena makes regular posts on her recovery from the legacy of incestuous abuse. Her site is a bit different as most of her posts are in audio format.

Therapy sucks
Andi shares posts on her experience of psychotherapy. She writes in a very real and authentic way about the incredibly hard work of being in therapy.

This stuff is golden
The site description says ‘inspiration-focused content about mental health, careers, philosophy, creativity, and a bunch of other stuff that’ll hopefully make you smile’. It has all of that.

Alexis us the author of ‘Untangled: A story of resilience, courage and triumph’. She writes openly about her healing journey as well as sharing some of her beautiful poems.