In this moment
My eyes are open
and I can see so much more
It’s coming in
I’m letting it in
I imagine my little niece laughing
the force of joy that creases her face
and her warmth filters into my heart
I picture my wife’s early morning eyes
focused so completely on mine
and I am welcome in my bones
I remember the rooted strength of an embrace
and the comfort of that protective intent
traverses the stories of my skin
Usually so thin and cold
but alive right now
Because it feels
And I am suddenly breathing in
all the colours
between the greys
Absorbing vibrations
that resonate beyond fear
Drinking the gravity
The immense holding
of my weight on this earth
I am here
I am real
I am feeling
More than the unbearable
consuming heaviness and need
Channels once hidden extend their invitations
Light breezes in
and I am open.


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