Something new: Working with my body

I’ve started having some reflexology. J and I recognised a very long time ago that I have a lot of stuckness in my body. Not only feelings, but body memories from the time I was abused.

Even though I knew this, I didn’t feel ready to do any body based therapy. It wasn’t that I was concerned about how it would feel to be touched. I am a very tactile person; I hug people all the time and I’ve always loved any kind of massage. From time to time, the anxiety in my system causes my back to seize up, and even though it hurts to have my physio work on it, I never dread going there.

I think I was worried about trying something body focused because I wasn’t sure I wanted to move that stuff. I’m not particularly spiritual, but I do believe that we get energy trapped in our bodies and it can affect us in all sorts of ways. I guess I have been a bit scared of what might happen if I were to shift some of it. Like I’d be unleashing something powerful and potentially horrendous.

While J was on leave and I had no therapy for a few weeks, I thought I would finally try something new. To make it a bit less daunting, I made an appointment with a friend who used to give me reiki a long time ago. That took some of the uncertainty out of the situation. I knew I would feel safe with her and that she is gentle and compassionate.

When I met with her, I wasn’t sure what sort of treatment I wanted. She suggested we try out some reflexology and explained the basics about it. I agreed to it because even if it didn’t help emotionally, I could just enjoy having my feet massaged. But I was pleasantly surprised, when after the session I felt a wonderful sense of calm. Real calm, not the sort brought on by alcohol or benzos. I felt a contentment and ease with myself that I don’t recall experiencing in quite a few years.

My wife describes this friend as ‘witchy’. I haven’t shared that with her – I’m not convinced she wouldn’t be offended… But she is a bit witchy. She picks up on all kinds of things without me having to say much about it. After working on my feet and doing a little reiki yesterday, she basically summed up where I am at right now.

She said she thinks my emotions are really fragmented and that I have cut myself off from them. She said she has the impression I am afraid to connect with them. She told me she could tell how incredibly fragile my feelings are and how I lack resilience because of this. And she explained that she thinks the way I have cut off from my feelings means I can’t access any of the good stuff and hold onto it enough to find strength in it. That means I have no stength to manage the not so good stuff.

Of course this all makes perfect sense to me. It was just strange to have someone I’ve not really spoken to about any of my struggles tell me it. Strange and slightly comforting. It felt good to have someone demonstrate this level of understanding without the discomfort and anxiety of having to try and articulate myself. Plus, it feels great to know that she thinks we can work on it. Again, without me having to say anything much at all.

In our next session, she is going to focus on helping me reconnect with my emotions, and in her words, strengthen my heart. I am skeptical, because this seems hugely ambitious and damn near impossible. But I will go with an open mind, as I know that even the tiniest bit of improvement would go a long way. I feel so vulnerable lately, I can’t help but feel hopeful that someone may be able to help my heart become stronger.


Photo: Caitlin Regan, Creative Commons.


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  1. manyofus1980 says:

    i’ve always found reiki really helpful, have never tried reflexology though. it sounds like she had good instinct and it sounds like you got a lot out of the sessions. xx

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    1. Laura says:

      She’s great, very instinctive and very gentle. Reflexology seems to create a wonderful sense of relaxation for me, a really calm, content feeling. I can highly recommend trying it out!


  2. Good luck. Trying something new is great. Let us know how you get on . No pressure there then😏

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    1. Laura says:

      Thanks Serena. I am slightly nervous about my next session with her on Tuesday. But I also trust her, and that she is confident I won’t have any nasty reactions to what she’s working on. We’ll see.


  3. La Quemada says:

    I’ve found that paying attention to my body has been enormously helpful. Meditation (body scans and attention to the breath), massage, cranio-sacral therapy, work with a mind/body therapist… all of it. For a long time I lived only in my head, and that made it very hard to accept or work with what I “know” in my body. I’m glad you are trying something new and hope you find it similarly meaningful.

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    1. Laura says:

      Interesting you mention craniosacral therapy. I’ve been thinking about trying that next. A friend has found it hugely beneficial to releasing a lot of her body held trauma. I’m just not currently feeling brave enough to go introduce myself and my history to someone new at the moment. Maybe in time.

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      1. La Quemada says:

        I gave E (my therapist for years) permission to give C (mind-body therapist) a rough sketch of my background. She told me she said something to the effect of, “Q has had a series of sexually abusive experiences, 10 years in an abusive marriage, and some sexual abuse that may go back as early as toddler/preK days.” C and I don’t really talk about it. I tell her things like, “this week I haven’t had any energy” or “I feel so much rage; it’s like a rock in my throat.” And then we just go from there. Because she’s body focused, we don’t have to talk a whole lot, and that’s freed me from having to go back and share my history.

        Don’t know if that’s useful info for you, but anyway for me it was nice to feel C has the general idea but I don’t have to go through the painful experience of retelling the story.

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      2. Laura says:

        That is helpful to hear, thank you. I’m glad you have people supporting you who work together like that. I think it’s really important. I’ve got a recommendation for a Craniosacral therapist who has a lot of experience working with trauma. Think I’ll give her a call when I finish my course of reflexology in September.


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