A weekend with Welsh wildlife

Last week, my wife and I celebrated our birthdays with a trip to Wales. We both love wildlife and so we planned to visit a nature reserve where there’s a puffin colony and lots of other rare sea birds. We had a brilliant day there; the sun shone and we saw puffins, seals and a few dolphins.

The camp site we stayed at was the nicest I’ve ever been to. It was an ‘eco’ site, so everything was done in a sustainable, low-impact way. The field was full of long meadow grass, birds and insects. I found a stag beetle in our tent one morning, which was exciting as they are endangered and I’ve only seen one once before.  In the evenings, we sat by our fire, reading or just going into that dazed, fuzzy state that staring at a fire evokes.

I don’t recognise the good stuff enough in my posts, so I wanted to share some photos of our trip with you.




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  1. How beautiful. I’m glad you both had a lovely time x

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    glad you both had so much fun, its nice to relax and do fun things every so often, down time is good. ❤ xxx

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