Escaping in my garden

Pottering in my garden always lifts my spirits. There’s something soothing about getting my hands dirty, feeling the sun on my skin, and nurturing the various little plants I’m trying to grow. I have the tiniest bit of garden to grow things in, but I spend plenty of time out there and I’ve crammed as much in as I can.

I needed this bit of sanctuary during the long weekend. There’s a lot to say about it, and I’m too tired to write it all now, but I’ve pushed myself to be sociable and it was tough. Being at parties and BBQs with groups of people left me exhausted and feeling really out of place. I’ve also spent some time with my parents, which is never easy.

I thought for now I would just share a few photos of my garden, my place of calm.


Radishes and fennel starting to sprout.


Baby runner beans almost ready to face the slugs.


A few little strawberries appearing.


Herbs and lettuces springing up.





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  1. tonyroberts says:


    Thank you for sharing these delightful images of your health-ful escape path.

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