Choices: Any advice on Vortioxetine / Brintellix?

Quick question; does anyone have any experience with Vortioxetine? It’s also known as Brintellix, and Trintellix. God knows why they give antidepressants such ridiculous names. I almost want to avoid it purely for the fact that they’ve tried to make it sound bright and shiny…

I saw my psychiatrist yesterday and he seems to be very excited about this new antidepressant. He’s very keen for me to try it out. Apparently it works differently to the SSRIs. It doesn’t have the ‘dulling’ effect and I’m told it improves cognitive functioning – therefore helping patients to feel more energised and able to focus.

The NICE website says this about it:

“Vortioxetine is recommended as an option for treating major depressive episodes in adults whose condition has responded inadequately to 2 antidepressants within the current episode.”

That doesn’t give me the greatest confidence. In essence, they’re saying, ‘this drug is a last resort to try out on people who are a lost cause anyway’.

Lately I have written a fair bit about my dilemma over whether to be medicated or not. While I recognise that my symptoms have got worse lately, I’m not going to rush into starting on new drugs. But I’m also not going to rule it out.

I’m particularly dubious about this drug because here in the UK it is so new. I’ve heard it’s been available in the USA for longer, so was wondering if anyone is taking it or has tried it before? It would be great to hear first hand about it, to balance out the ‘hard sell’ I got from my consultant!


Photo: Rusty Clark, Creative Commons.


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  1. Rayne says:

    I used to be on Brintellix, but it didn’t do much at all. It didn’t have the added benefit of helping with my anxiety either. The current medication I’m on is 20mg of Zytomil (Escitalopram). It’s been amazing, especially at the 20mg dos, and it also helps a little with my anxiety. It certainly doesn’t ‘numb’ me at all. Yesterday I cried nearly the entire day, and was in so much emotional pain due to something that’s been happening this past week (a few things actually). However, since being on this medication, I’ve had so many more good days, and feelings of contentment than I’ve ever experienced. But, just like with anything, different medication has different effects on everyone.

    I’m hesitant about new medications, as they haven’t been tested for long enough… So there’s no way to tell if there’s any long term side effects. And like I said, Brintellix did absolutely nothing for me. It’s expensive, which was another aspect that I didn’t like about it. I felt like I was paying so much money only to have no benefits whatsoever.

    I hope this helps.

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  2. Rayne says:

    Oh, and I never liked the idea of taking medication, but since I’ve found the right combination, I’m a big advocate for meds. It’s made such a huge difference in my life.

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    1. Laura says:

      Thanks for your input. I’ve heard from a lot of people that antidepressants are so hit and miss and it’s all about trying to find one that works. The problem is that going on and off them is such a horrible process, and I am really sensitive to meds so I always get side effects. I’m really glad you’ve found one that works for you, although not glad to hear that you’ve struggled this week.

      I am not opposed to the idea of being on meds per se, I’ve just been through a whole load of different ones and dose adjustments etc., so I am really hesitant about starting that all again. And, like you say, it is always worrying when something is new and you can’t know the long-term effects. That said, I switched from smoking to vaping a while back and I’ve absolutely no idea what long term damage that is doing to me!

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