The darkness always returns

On Friday night I wanted to kill myself. I can’t say exactly what led to that low point but my mood had definitely taken a nose dive towards the end of last week. I don’t remember much of what was going through my head, other than my wife asking me to come to bed, saying she needed me. I categorically didn’t believe her.

A single thought was then going through my head on repeat; nobody needs me. What can I possibly offer that anyone would need? That carried into the typical, ‘everyone would be better off without me’ sort of thinking.

The suicidal thoughts had surfaced seemingly out of nowhere when I had a sleepless night on Wednesday. Last time I felt so desperate, I was feeling too ashamed and hopeless to talk to J about it in therapy. I ended up consuming a lot of vodka and pills immediately after a session with her. That led to some very difficult and frank conversations in the week that followed. My guilt and my desire to be trusted by J made me resolve to try harder to let her know when I wasn’t feeling safe with myself.

So even though I really didn’t want to discuss it, I told J I was feeling suicidal on Thursday. I didn’t actually want to talk about anything at all. However I did want to go to my session. I hadn’t gone to work, and had spent the morning at home feeling deeply lonely. I didn’t want to share anything with J, but I absolutely wanted the contact with her.

I have several problems with talking to J about feeling suicidal. Shame is one. Guilt is another; I don’t want her to be worried about me. But the major issue is that I can’t explain myself, and I feel like if I tell her I feel that way I should offer some insight into the reasons for it. I know she will ask me why and I know I won’t be able to give a useful response.

That’s what happened on Thursday. I was actually beyond even being interested in why I felt so bad. I’d moved past caring about what caused it. I was in such a dark, bleak place that all I could think about was not wanting to be there. Not wanting to be at all. When I reach the bottom like that, all I want is out. I want an end to feeling so wretched and I can’t see that the mood will pass.

It’s also hard to do therapy when things are that dark because everything, absolutely everything, feels pointless. I don’t have any sense of purpose and I can’t see that talking about any of it will make any difference. Generally, I’ve never talked about feeling suicidal and then felt less suicidal as a result.

But I did what I was meant to do. I was honest about the place I was in, even if I couldn’t describe it or understand it. I did feel better temporarily while I was with J. Although I was withdrawn, I managed to feel some connection with her and that was a comfort during the session. It was just really hard to manage on my own afterwards.

I could’ve talked to my wife about it, but I never really open up to her when things are that bad. I could’ve blogged, but I had no motivation to write much. I could’ve gone to my CoDA meeting, where I get support from a very warm and understanding group of friends, but I didn’t want to face people.

Instead I cut myself off from everyone who might help and forced myself to wait it out in solitude. It was horrendous. I spent hours formulating various exit strategies in my head. As I spent more and more time with my thoughts, they got blacker and more vicious. It’s so hard to adequately describe anything of what that feels like.

Thankfully, that heavy cloud seems to be lifting and I am feeling stronger today. Looking back at the past few days now, I just feel scared. I’m scared because that mood descended so suddenly. I’m scared of the helpless paralysis it brings when it comes. And it’s hard not to feel scared when I know that I’ll almost certainly have to face it all again.

Photo: H.Adam, Creative Commons.


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  1. Pure Glory says:

    It is so good you are putting your feelings down on your blog. The key is honesty. And you are honest. This darkness is not you. Have a different thought and tell the darkness to go. You matter. Your friends at COA care, your wife loves you. Sending a hug 🤗 to you.

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    1. Laura Black says:

      ‘This darkness is not you’. I like that. Thank you for the hug 🙂

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  2. I can really relate to the exploration of these feelings seeming pointless at times. I agree with Pure Glory, it’s great that you’re sharing it here.

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    1. Laura Black says:

      I think it always feels pointless when I’m in them. But then I can see how useful it is once I am out the other side. It’s good to blog about it as I know it puts me in touch with a lot of people who really understand.

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  3. This is beautifully written. I hope you will find your strength as time passes by.

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    1. Laura Black says:

      Thank you for both the compliment and the encouragement.


  4. 2modestminds says:

    I have wondered many times if “darkness IS or ISN’T me”. Beautifully written thank you.

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    1. Laura Black says:

      Thank you for the writing compliment. I also wonder the same thing. In the end I think it isn’t me in my entirety, but it is definitely a part of me and one that I fear will always exist. Laura

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      1. 2modestminds says:

        “All you have is your fire
        And the place you need to reach
        Don’t you ever tame your demons
        But always keep them on a leash”

        arsonist lullaby by Hozier

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      2. Laura Black says:

        I do love a bit of Hozier!

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  5. 2modestminds says:

    Will get back to you with an entry in my blog on that.

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