Raising a monster

Appearing in her world
heartache, bones and curls
she opened up her arms
to everything that harmed
Nothing she could do
to get through to
the soul under the lies
the hope behind blue eyes
blinking in the light
she thought somehow she might
redeem that shattered mind
searching desperately to find
more than a monster.

Chance after chance she gave
but there was nothing there to save
nothing to gain but pain
a black hole
a fucking drain
for the love, the hope
the days she couldn’t cope
when deep inside she knew
that none of it was true
bullshit stinking through and through
She raised a monster.

She raised that hate
and now it’s too late
for him to find redemption
from crimes too dark to mention
a cancer in her home
and if only she had known
he was consuming every joy
to silently destroy
a spirit truly free
and consign to history
the agony
that she didn’t want to see
She raised a monster.

Because she raised a monster
she didn’t want to see
the sheer misery
that lurked beneath the story
in her child too scared to fight
awake night after night
in terror, eyes white
heart pounding, fists tight

While through pulsing veins
he spread his shame.

She raised a monster.

Image: John Fowler, Creative Commons.

© 2016


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