Contentment in Copenhagen

Work travel again. This time I’ve actually been having fun. Normally being on my own all day would put me in a dreadful mood, but I’d forgotten what a great city Copenhagen is. And it’s even better in the festive season.

I walked miles and miles tonight; just people watching, taking photos, smoking and drinking hot chocolate. I can’t stand the thought of Christmas at the moment, but this evening I couldn’t help getting caught up in the atmosphere.

It’s been wonderful to enjoy my own company. I mean really enjoy it, rather than tolerate it. Wandering the streets aimlessly and taking in the Christmas markets and incredible lights, I felt some real contentment.

Here are a few photos I took tonight.

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  1. This looks absolutely lovely, almost like something out of a fairytale! I’ve never been to Copenhagen, but I’ve been to Norway and that is also a beautiful country 🙂 x

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  2. Those are gorgeous, you have a good eye and camera!

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