A few days in snowy Sweden

I like my job. It means a I get to travel a little. I see new places and get paid for doing it. That’s a great privilege. Don’t get me wrong, business travel can be boring, tiring and lonely, but I’m lucky enough that it’s usually short trips and not too often.

It is important for me to acknowledge what it means for me to be travelling again. A year ago, I’d just returned to work after having a breakdown and taking six months off. It felt like a huge and impossible task picking up my job again. I had to start with an hour at a time, and I’m still only working part time.

Now I am doing 5.5 hours per day and I am playing an increasing part in my team. I’m proud of that. Few people can fully understand how daunting it is, how massive and scary it feels to have to begin piecing your life back together when it has all fallen apart. The emotional suffering I’ve experienced is, of course, extremely difficult. But beginning to rebuild everything is gruelling in a whole new way.

When I landed in Stockholm yesterday, they’d had their snowiest November day in over a century. We don’t get much ‘proper’ snow in the UK, so this was exciting for me and I went out and braved the weather with my camera.


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  1. gmmrs says:

    Glad they’re getting the snow there and its remaining mild and snow-free, unusually so here in the Upper Midwest of the US

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  2. myambivalentexistence says:

    Wow, it’s beautiful.

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