4 Reasons I hate antidepressants


Here’s a post for the medicated many out there. I know a fair few of my readers can empathise with how crappy it is taking antidepressants. These drugs change you. They alter how your brain chemistry operates and that’s pretty scary right?

Before my breakdown, I was totally against them. And although I’m on five kinds of meds now, I still do. It is so strange to know that your personality, your behaviour, your very self is engineered to some extent by being on these drugs. Anyway, I wanted to share my biggest grumbles about taking antidepressants. As always, I’m interested to hear your reflections on this.

1. They don’t make you happy
You can’t fix depression with antidepressants. Not for most people anyway. So the name is misleading. Wouldn’t it be amazing if pills could make you happy? Well I suppose they can, I’ve definitely taken some pills that made…

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  1. It’s difficult to find medications, whether antidepressant or not, that don’t have long-term intolerable side effects. Often the side effects are worse than the original condition the drug is prescribed for. I’ve had to stop 3 medications in the last year that helped the condition for which they were prescribed, but the side effects were either completely intolerable or borderline dangerous to my health — and to boot all of these medications were at the lowest prescribed dose!

    Happy pills might be dangerous … I think some people could liken Ecstasy to a happy pill … don’t know haven’t tried, never will. If you were happy all the time, how could you appreciate the happiness if you didn’t have any other feeling by which to compare?

    All the antidepressants I’ve ever tried have given me weird side effects … except Buspar which I truly think isn’t a real medication or I don’t have the proper receptors to benefit from this medication. Effexor was the weirdest medication to date — I took it for hot flashes and while it was great for that reason the side effects were bizarre to say the least.

    I’m appreciative for medications when they do help people and there are few to no side effects. I’m all for taking medication if the person wants that kind of treatment and those medications are either life-sustaining and/or produce beneficial results.

    I honestly believe we need to have and do more genetic testing to see what medications a person is likely to respond to (or have no reaction, or worse negative reactions) otherwise it’s like we’re throwing darts in a dark room hoping to hit the target.

    AKA pharmacogenomics …



  2. dbest1ishere says:

    I hate taking them as I dont see where they are helping me at all. I am still depressed, I still have bad days, I still cry….I’m always asking my therapist when do they actually help me.

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