Falling for tomorrow

I know how it feels to take a fall
I know what it is to lose it all
When the walls are closing in
There’s no simple way to win

So my night is day is night
And every step’s a fight
Please don’t say I can’t rewrite
What’s gone down in black and white

Give up walking in the past
Because this pain is here to last
And it’s always gonna follow
So just hold on to tomorrow.

You’ll never throw away
The hurt from yesterday
You’ll keep drowning in your sorrow
If you can’t hold on to tomorrow.

When all the pieces scatter
Everything you know is shattered
It’s a million miles too far
To reach for something better

So I run with bursting lungs
My heart beating in my hands
While every atom that I am
Longs for some sedation.

In all the darkness of my soul
Its only you that makes me whole
So you save my life again
And I wait for our tomorrow.

You hold me close and show
That you’ll never let me go
You shield me from my demons
And my quest for sweet oblivion

All that I am is here for you to see
With everything laid out this is all I’ll ever be
Yet still you give me strength
And that strength is all I need

To walk through this fire today
and be ready for tomorrow.


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