I shaved my head

I think my wife is possibly going to hit the roof when she gets in from work. Or maybe not, she’s quite used to my odd behaviour now. I do often have these impulses to make drastic changes.

I cycled to a meeting this morning. It was cold, so I wore a hat. Then I felt self-conscious about my hat hair during the meeting. As I cycled home again, I decided I like wearing hats, so the only option for avoiding hat hair is avoiding hair.

When I got home, I persuaded our housemate to give me a grade 6 all over. He wasn’t convinced and thought I’d maybe just channeled my crazy in a new direction, but I was insistent so he caved. The clippers felt lovely against my skull, the pulsing vibrations were soothing.

It felt liberating. It was cathartic to shed all that unnecessary hair and everything involved in looking after it. I felt like a snake shedding its skin. I feel refreshed and renewed. Over the last few years I have begun to care less and less about what people think of my appearance. Getting rid of my hair felt like the completion of that project.

Strangely, I can see why religious devotees do it, because it feels symbolic of a move away from materialism. There is nothing particularly egotistical associated with my hair now. No rituals of styling and conditioning and visiting salons, ones I’ve enslaved myself to for years.

Maybe I’ll change my mind and go back to it, but for now I have clippers. I can keep it tidy myself, in the comfort of my own home, without spending any money. It just seems sensible and hassle free this way. And god knows I could do with less hassle in my life!

Photo: Nicki Mannix, Creative Commons.


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