A safe space: Survivor group

For a while I’ve been looking for a support or psychotherapy group to attend, but have found nothing. I know the value of having a space to speak about difficult topics and be heard, particularly if the other group members share similar experiences.

It’s good for me to have a project, so I’ve decided to try and set up a local support network here in Surrey. The guys at NAPAC and RASAC have been very helpful, I’ve got calls and meetings scheduled next week to iron out some details and determine how we can all collaborate.

My aim is to begin by setting up a psychotherapy group in or near Guildford, Surrey. To start with, this would be a weekly 90 minute session for adult survivors of childhood abuse, run by a qualified group psychotherapist. I’ve created a new blog to share the details once they are confirmed, so follow me there if you want updates.

If you’re interested in attending, you can contact me via this site, or by filling in the contact form at www.survivorgroup.org.

Photo credit: Josep Ma. Rosell, Creative Commons.



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  1. I think this is a great idea! I think it will also help you on your healing journey! I have also looked around for groups to help me, but I imagine the closest one would be about 1 hour away- to the closest sorta big city. There isn’t anything within 30 miles of me.
    I’m proud of you for making these steps to help yourself and to help others! You are so awesome


    1. Laura Black says:

      I love that you think I am awesome. And I am feeling positive about the group. It feels good to be doing something, and if it can help others too that will be amazing.

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      1. When I first had my breakdown it was suggested to me to volunteer- but I couldn’t handle another thing on my plate at the time. I may soon. But I really need to focus on me for now unless I find the right place to volunteer to.

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      2. Laura Black says:

        I think focusing on you sounds like a good plan. You can only take care of others if you’re healthy yourself.

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