You matter in ways you cannot imagine

I got a lovely email a few days ago from someone who read my blog. He thanked me for being so open about my issues. But what really touched me was that he signed off by saying, ‘you matter in ways you cannot imagine’.

Wow. What a powerful thing to say. I spend so much of my time feeling so very worthless. When a perfect stranger takes the time to tell me I matter it really has impact, it means something to me.

This blog has been an incredible outlet. The comments and messages of support give me something I can’t get elsewhere, a connection with genuine people who really know what is going on for me.

I suppose I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for being there for me when you don’t even know me. I started this site about 3 months ago now, and back then I had no idea how much support I would get from the blogging community. Thank you for sharing your own experiences with me and helping me feel less alone. You all matter in ways you cannot imagine too.


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  1. That was a very powerful message that he gave you and such a sweet thing too say. Blogging is a great outlet for many of us. I started mine for my photography and ended up being so much more.

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  2. I’m the same way. I feel a lot of the time that I am worthless and when the rare occasion someone points out how awesome I am or how inspiring I am, I am grateful and thankful and usually brought to tears.
    You help me more than you’ll ever know. Reading your blog makes me realize I’m not so alone. Hugs

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    1. Thanks, same goes. I’ve found a lot of comfort in your words and the similarities between our experiences. Hugs back x

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  3. Amazing. This speaks very powerful so many people. I understand what it feels like to feel worthless but there are people on here who can really see your worth. Keep going.

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    1. Thanks, and I’m sorry you understand what it feels like. Wishing you strength.

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