A suitably grey day


I love this murky weather. It suits me. It’s damp and gloomy. The fog shrouds everything in mystery. The mundane becomes surreal, taking on new, indeterminate shapes. Figures approach and they are merely anonymous drones until they are close enough to touch.

I kicked Monday off with a beautiful early morning walk in the eerie mist. I took lots of photos and savoured it. I’m glad I did, because my day got manic as soon as I set foot in the office.

*Begin rant*

Since being signed off work when I lost the plot back in February I have made a very gradual return. I’ve built up from a couple of hours a day, just showing my face, to a steady 20 hour week. My consultant has advised that 4 hours per day is optimum and I’m doing my best to adhere to that.

I like my job. It’s varied and challenging. Mostly I enjoy it because my colleagues are fun. They are hard-working, intellectual and friendly. That makes work a good place to be. When I’m there, I make a healthy switch to work mode, I can easily slip into acting like my old self. The self I liked being.

This week I have a big project deadline. My least favourite coworker is the project manager and he has ballsed it up, big time. We all saw it coming, but now I have to take up the slack. While my employer has been hugely supportive of my recovery, they are understandably more hugely supportive of making money. So I worked 10 hours straight today to try and get everything done.

Now I’m shattered, which really isn’t good for my mood. But I’m home and the painkillers are working on the tension headache. And the weather is perfect for hibernating, which is exactly what I’m going to do with my evening.

Plus, I get to see my therapist tomorrow. What a relief.


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