What’s your soundtrack?

On a purely self-indulgent tangent, I want to talk about music.

I honestly feel like I have a soundtrack to my life. I listen to music almost constantly. If I’m walking around, I become totally immersed in what’s on my headphones. Embarrassingly, I often picture myself in the videos to my favourite tunes. Not dancing though, I am a terrible dancer. My wife has actually watched as my dancing clear a room before, gradually retreating almost into the laps of the bar staff in her mortified effort to not be associated with me.

In the last week I have finally taken steps to shield myself from the perennial emotional onslaught from my family. As a result I’ve been listening to this particularly defiant track from the amazing, multi-talented David Ford. You might not have heard of him but he makes great music for us depressive types. Check out ‘I don’t care what you call me‘ as well.

I’ve no doubt plenty of other people have some of these ‘go to’ tunes. I’d love to hear about them.


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