Dog therapy

I had a tough therapy session (aren’t they all?) and felt like I might do something self-destructive when I got home. So now I am in bed. With a bottle of Scotch, junk food and my dog. Why are dogs such good therapy?

I always feel so calm when my dog sleeps on me. I love how simple things are for her. She has boundless enthusiasm for the world and endless love for people, even though she came from a rescue charity and people have been so cruel to her. She forgives that and wants nothing more than to play, to love and to eat (of course).

There are a few special dogs in my life. My parents’ dog, as I helped choose him from the RSPCA and he was my dog while I lived with them. My friend Sue’s dog, because she is always so happy to see me. I love how her tail wags so hard her whole body goes with it. Particularly special is my therapist’s dog. She helps me stay in the here and now and saves me from dissociating. She licks my hands when I am feeling distressed, like she knows I am struggling and I need that contact.

The best dog in the world is of course my own. She adores me as much as I adore her. She is always delighted to be with me and loves the warmth of being close and cuddled up with me. When I feel so shit that I can’t believe any living being would want to be near me she reminds me that I can always be loved.



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