A week on: Art

I’ve had this site for a week now, and already received some really kind feedback from my lovely readers. Thanks for that. I haven’t shared anything like this before and it means a lot to me that someone out there is listening. To celebrate my first week of blogging I’m going to share something different.

A week ago, I wrote a post about starting to be more creative since being so depressed. I wanted to show you a piece I created on a particularly desperate night when I was in hospital. You might have seen him in miniature as my avatar already. Here’s Raven.



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  1. noimnotok says:

    I really like the raven!
    I have a personal connection with birds such as these. Do you have any more scribbly pictures of him? Seriously, he is awesome.

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    1. Thanks for the compliment. Yeah I draw birds a lot, I love creating angry, scribbly ones with pastels and my fingers. I’ll try and remember to upload a few. Laura

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